Proof: Wikipedia

“A mathematician is a machine for turning coffee [and wikipedia articles] into theorems” [A. Rényi]

In the last couple of weeks (or months, I lost track of space and time!) I tried to prove something. 

This “something” turned out not to be as trivial as I thought it would be and I had to invoke the power of a lot of mathematical concepts. Although I studied math, a lot of things were new to me (or I just forgot them) and I had to (re)learn quite a bit. Of course taking courses or reading books would be too time consuming, so I used Wikipedia as a reference (Disclaimer: Do not admit doing that in real life).

Today I realized, that my Browser history is full of Wikipedia articles about all kinds of mathematical stuff that I tried to use in my proof. I thought it would be interesting to see, which concepts I tried to use and which I looked at the most.

So I extracted my Browser history from the last three months, filtered for Wikipedia articles and the number of times I visited that page and created this wonderful word cloud.

I don’t know why I still have to look up “Centrality” and “Social Network”. I should be kind of familiar with these topics…

For those of you with good eyes that found the words “Caribbean” and “IslandCaribs” , I can ensure you that it was for research purposes, because I analyzed a dataset about it.

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Written by Dmathlete