Six Degrees of Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Ibracadabra, the self proclaimed god. Or simply Zlatan.  An incredible football player, well known for his shenanigans outside of the football ground. The Internet has created quite a cult around Zlatan and I thought to contribute by conducting the “Six degrees of Zlatan” experiment.
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Breaking (the) News: Liking and Sharing Behaviour on Facebook Pages of German Newspapers

This just in!

Thanks to the Internet, newspaper are critically endangered. That’s why many publisher more and more rely  on a solid Internet presence. In times of social networks, all major newspapers additionally have their own Facebook fanpage to advertise their newspaper and/or inform the people directly via status posts. These status posts are what we will analyze in today’s blog entry.
Our goal is to examine how certain news sources are perceived by Facebook users and how they interact with the Facebook pages.

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Drawing a map of Germany with Pubs and Churches

Drawing maps is fun. Inspired by an  East vs. West comparison and this map of Great Britain drawn only with pub locations, I decided to draw some maps of Germany with different points of interest and hoped for some (mildly) interesting patterns.

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Historic Soccer Analysis: Home is Where you Win

Besides the data I gathered for the soccer seasons in 2013 around the world, I also put together all seasons for England, Italy, Germany and Spain. The Big Four, as they are referred to. I was particularly interested, how the home field advantage changed over time, that is: Did the number of home wins increase or decrease over time? My educated guess was: It decreased.

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Why Twitter Hates Math

I am bad at implementing stuff myself. So when it comes to gathering data, I always have to rely on some smart dude(tte) on the Internet to provide me fool proof tools to do my data gathering. Recently, i found a tool to get data from twitter in the most idiot proof way possible.

So i could finally gather data for my project: “How do people feel about math?”
To anticipate the outcome: Not very positive…

“Mathematics is a place where you can do things which you can’t do in the real world”. [Marcus du Sautoy]

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