about this blog

In the course of my PhD, I gathered a lot of data that I thought might be relevant for my thesis at some point. Or just because the data was kind of interesting and funny. But as it turned out, none of the data was/is useful for my research since it is just too dubious to publish any serious paper containing an analysis of that data.

But thank god for the internet, where nothing is too dubious to be at least mildly interesting for a bored random surfer on a bright summer day. So i decided to not leave my data to rot, but instead work on my “data science” skills and publish my mildly scientific analyses in this blog.

Since I have a PhD in Network Analysis, many posts will deal with networks arising in all kinds of “real world” scenarios. But I will try to incorporate more general posts to please a broader readership.

I will not discuss the methods I used in depth, since I want this blog to be an easy read. If I think a concept is important for a better understanding, I will link to its Wikipedia page since in my opinion it explains most topics in a comprehensible way. If you have any questions that go beyond mild science, feel free to contact me. I am always happy to discuss sciencey stuff!